Savory Pecans

Types of Savory Pecans We Sell

Craving a wholesome, mouthwatering snack that’s good for you, too? It’s time to get cracking! (Actually, we’ve done the cracking so you can enjoy your favorite pecans faster!) Give all our tasty savory baked pecans a whirl.

  • Natural pecansThese pecans offer zero garnishes and deliver 100% flavor. Picked and packed at their freshness peak, they’re plump and ready for nibbling straight from the bag. You can also use these pecans in recipes like pralines.
  • Roasted and salted pecans: When you want something saltier to satisfy your hunger and push out the “hanger,” grab a few of our roasted, salted pecans. We’ve taken the finest pecans on the planet and toasted them to bring out their earthy undertones. You’ll want to keep a supply of these savory toasted pecans on hand.
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