At Pecan Nation, we are incredibly passionate about pecans and want to grow our PECAN-oisseur™ community by sharing everything there is to know about these incredible nuts. Here are some tidbits you might be interested in. Have more questions? Please reach out.

When Are Pecans Harvested?

What Pecan Varieties Do You Offer?

How Can You Tell if Pecans Are Good Quality?

Do Pecans Go Bad?

What Is the Shelf Life of Pecans?

What Are the Ingredients in Your Pecans?

What Kind of Oil Are Your Pecans Roasted In?

How Many Carbs Are in Your Pecans?

Are Your Pecans Gluten-Free?

Are Your Pecans Processed on the Same Equipment as Peanuts or Other Tree Nuts?

Where Can I Buy Your Pecans?