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Includes 4 Pack Pecan Halves and 4 Pack Pecan Pieces

4 pecan pieces packs 4 pecan halve packs

Delicious & Nutritious

Snack on a Bag of Pecans!

Natural pecan halves

Flavors For Everyone

Pecans Seasoned Just For You

variety pecan nut flavors

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Pecans are full of antioxidants that fight cancer and promote heart health. They’re rich in fiber and contribute to a healthy digestive system. Pecans are just filled with incredible health benefits, making them a perfectly nutritious go-to snack or cooking ingredient for you and your family.

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  • Planting

    2 to 3-year-old trees are planted, irrigated, fertilized, and cultivated at age 10.

  • Cultivating

    Trees are pruned and shaped so the shaker can attach and shake the pecans loose.

  • Collecting

    Pecans are brushed away from the trees into rows and picked up by a harvester.

  • Preparing

    Collected pecans are dried, cleaned, cracked, and bagged for you to enjoy!

Pecan Nation upright display

Become a

You won’t find pecans that are fresher or grown with as much care and attention as ours. From dirt to tree, tree to bag, and finally to you, we have cut out the middleman to provide you with a product of the highest quality that your customers will love.

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