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Pecans are versatile and come in numerous variations. While there are a wide range of varieties, at Pecan Nation’s farms, we focus on four specific types: Schley, Farley, Elliot, and Desirables.

Why these types of pecans? We feel that they grow best in our groves. We also believe that they make the best Georgia unshelled or shelled pecans. Plus, they’re versatile nuts. You can use our signature Georgia pecans for snacking, topping, or baking.

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The thin shell and oil content of Schley pecans make them an ideal on-the-go snack, as they are easier to crack and have great flavor. Many snacking enthusiasts and bakers prefer using Schley and Schley-variety pecans because these nuts have a consistent look and intense taste. Expect true richness every time you bite into a Schley.


Named in the early part of the 20th century, Farley pecans are a great nut to grow and shell. Farley is another rich and flavorful pecan variation that releases easily from the shell. The meat has contoured skin with grooves that can hold various seasonings, including cinnamon, sugar and salt.


Elliot pecans are one of the smaller varieties with thick, smooth shells. The nut is incredibly fresh and is known for having a rich, buttery flavor that makes it perfect for sweet snacks. Elliots typically grow in a leisurely manner which makes them especially prized. However, they’re well worth the wait!


Hearty and memorable for all the right reasons, Desirables are among the largest pecans around. They’re even referred to as the “mammoth” pecan. Their shells, like the Schley, are thin and easy to crack. With its flavorful meat, the Georgia Pecan Commission rates Desirables among the best pecans for roasting. What more than the best pecans in Georgia could you expect from a nut with a name like “Desirable?”


The common image of a pecan is brown and shriveled – that’s what most people have come to expect. However, properly cultivated and prepared pecans should be a rich golden color rather than dark brown. This is a big surprise for many people, especially when they open a bag of our gourmet Georgia pecans and see how golden they are!

Cultivating and producing high-quality pecans for people to enjoy is in our blood. It’s something we take very seriously. Of the many varieties of pecans we grow, we only select the most flavorful varieties to take home. In other words, we’ve done our homework. There are hundreds of pecan varieties in the world. Throughout our time as farming experts, we’ve narrowed all those varieties down to a few top favorites. You can trust that every Georgia pecan you taste from Pecan Nation has the benefit of generations of thoughtful cultivation behind it.

Of course, our team does more than just grow the best pecans in Georgia. To bring you consistent quality, we harvest our pecans at peak ripeness so the actual pecan nut, or “meat,” is also at peak flavor. Our pecans have been hand-selected for their quality and color to ensure that you receive the best flavor possible.

Conduct a taste test yourself to see how big of a difference our harvesting process makes! We work hard to pick and process our pecans precisely at the right moment so you get the best flavor possible.

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