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At Pecan Nation, we are no strangers to pecan perfection. We’ve been growing, harvesting, and cooking our signature pecans for over 5 generations, perfecting our process along the way to bring you the tastiest pecans around. Today, our families farm over 7,000 acres of pecans, carefully tending to our 100-year-old orchards to make sure we continue to grow the highest quality and tastiest pecans for the next 100 years.

We started Pecan Nation to spread the word on this incredible snacking SUPERNUT. While we agree pecans are delicious in baked treats, we want the world to know that they are also the perfect anytime, anywhere, healthy snack. So, no matter how you like to enjoy pecans, we invite you to join our growing community of PECAN-oisseurs™ and experience for yourself what pecan perfection tastes like.


Pecan Nation was launched by the Genuine Georgia Group, a team of fifth-generation farmers, dedicated to preserving the 100-year-old pecan orchards on their family farms. The 3 founding partners of Pecan Nation, Will McGehee, Duke Lane III and Kent Hoots, leveraged their expertise and industry experience to be able to package and sell their signature pecans online and in stores under the Pecan Nation brand. However, to be able to bring the best tasting pecans to everyone, the founders of Pecan Nation could not do it alone. Pecan Nation has grown into a mighty team, working tirelessly so you can find and enjoy our delicious pecans no matter where you live or shop.



Large Batch of Pecans with Sticks and Twigs
Pecans Being Harvested by a Machine Reaching into Tree
Pecans Being Put Through a Filter to Remove Sticks and Debris

The naturally sweet taste and rich golden color of our signature fresh pecans are all thanks to the varieties we plant and the growing process we have perfected over five generations. There are four essential steps we take to ensure all of our pecans are the highest quality and tastiest you’ve ever had.



We begin by selecting sites with access to plenty of water and plant trees that are two or three years old. These trees are then irrigated and fertilized year-round until they are ready for cultivation at 10 years old. Yes, we’re patient! That’s one of the secrets of our exceptional pecans.



We meticulously prune our trees to allow light to reach more of the tree and to give the pecan tree shaker better access to attach to the larger limbs. Once attached to the limbs, the shaker shakes the pecans loose until the ripe pecans fall to the ground.



The pecans are then brushed into rows away from the base of the trees before being picked up by a harvester. The harvester sends the pecans through a series of air drops to expel leaves, sticks and husks.



Once collected, our pecans are taken to be cleaned and dried to 4% moisture for lasting freshness. They go through further airdrops to remove any other unwanted materials before being cracked, shelled and bagged for you to enjoy.


At Pecan Nation, cultivating and producing high-quality pecans for everyone to enjoy is what we do. With over 5 generations of experience farming pecans, we have selected our favorites out of the hundreds of pecan varieties available. We focus on the pecans that grow the best in our groves and of course the ones that are the tastiest. Although we grow dozens of varieties at Pecan Nation’s farms, there are four specific types that we think are the most scrumptious and versatile. Whether you like them shelled, unshelled, on a pie or in a bowl our Schley, Farley, Elliot, and Desirables pecans are truly the best of the best. Try them today and see for yourself!

Wooden Bowl Overflowing with Pecans