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What Are the Benefits of Pecans for Your Skin?

People of all ages are taking better care of their skin than ever before. By now, everyone knows to wear sunblock and moisturize at night, but did you know pecans could play a part in an individual’s healthy skincare regimen?

Pecans contain many attributes that make them an ideal food choice if you’re trying to heal, support and pamper your skin from the inside out. When eaten as part of a nutritious, varied diet, pecans may help your skin be its best.

Below are some of the many benefits of pecans for healthier looking and feeling skin.

1. Extra Doses of Vitamins A and E

Look at your favorite skincare product ingredients. You’ll probably see that many of them contain vitamin A, vitamin E or a combination of both. This is because vitamin A nourishes and soothes skin and Vitamin E can assist in keeping skin free from signs of aging as well as restore the appearance of sun-damaged skin.

Pecans contain both vitamin A and E. Consequently, they allow your body to extract these vital vitamins every time you eat a serving of sweet or savory pecans. In other words, you can double-up on the vitamin A and E your body receives.

2. Presence of Magnesium

You probably don’t think too much about the amount of magnesium you eat every day. However, magnesium is critical for smoother, calmer skin. Again, you might be surprised at the number of skin creams infused with magnesium to fight off acne, blemishes and redness.

A single serving of pecans clocks in at more than 100 mg of magnesium. That equates to about 30% of the average person’s recommended daily magnesium intake. Not bad for a snack that’s also good for you in so many other ways!

3. Good Amount of Zinc

Do you have some light scarring on any part of your body that you’re trying to shrink? Zinc may be a smart choice to put on your skin and into your body.

Zinc has long been seen as a nutrient that heals. Luckily for you, pecans have quite a bit of zinc in them. When you eat a serving of pecans, you’re getting about 10% of the zinc you need. Your skin will thank you by starting to look more restored over time.

4. Fiber Galore

Remember the old saying “You are what you eat?” It’s so true. Most of us have heard throughout the years that adding fiber to meals and snacks fosters better digestion. But have you ever linked all that fiber with better-looking skin?

The fiber in pecans is a welcome addition to your skin in several ways. First, when your body can absorb nutrients from the foods you eat, you will have less water retention and get more nutritional benefits from each bite. Secondly, fiber moves toxins like free radicals out of your body faster. Consequently, you don’t have to worry about how those toxins will affect your skin.

Give Your Skin the Chance to Glow

Your skin can look amazing at any age, as long as you put some time and energy into helping it hold onto its youthful glow. By incorporating pecans into your snacks and meals, you can increase the nutrients you put into your body effortlessly and deliciously, the health benefits of pecans are endless!

Why wait to fall in love with your skin again? In addition to following a suitable skincare routine that’s perfect for your age, skin type and skin goals, give pecans a place in your diet. Browse our Pecan Nation online store today for savory and sweet options.

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