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4 Tips on How to Store Pecans

It’s safe to say that pecans tend to disappear quickly in many households. Everyone loves diving into a bag of the only nut that’s native to the wilds of North America!

Of course, there are times when you need storage options for your beloved shelled pecans. In these situations, you want to make sure your pecans stay fresh and delicious.

As fifth-generation pecan farmers, we have a lot of experience understanding how to pamper pecans so they maintain their earthy-sweet flavor and golden, plump appearance. Below are some of the tried and true storing tips for pecans that we recommend other pecan enthusiasts follow.

1. Think Cool

Pecans contain a good amount of heart-healthy fats. This gives them an irresistible moistness. It also makes them appreciate cooler areas when they’re not being used.

Many pecan buyers store their pecans year-round in the refrigerator or freezer. However, you may also find that a cool pantry or other storage area is a good temporary solution.

If you decide to stash your pecans for snacking or baking in a cupboard for a week or two, make sure the cupboard is away from a heating source. This includes your oven or any appliance that may give off heat.

2. Limit Exposure to Air

Pecans do best when they’re in airtight conditions. When we harvest our pecans at the peak of their ripeness, we make sure we seal them in airtight containers immediately. That way, they won’t have any chance to lose their delightful shape or taste.

What happens after you open your bag of savory or sweet pecans, though? Don’t worry, it’s not necessary to eat them all right away— but we couldn’t blame you if you did! Instead, either reseal them in the same bag or choose a different airtight container.

Some excellent airtight container choices include glass jars with sealing lids, eco-friendly plastic containers made from recyclable materials or even a heavy-duty one-gallon sealable bag. Have one of those handy-dandy sealing machines for other foods? You could use it to seal up small portions of pecans for on-the-go snacking.

3. Trust the Fridge

The refrigerator makes a terrific short-term storage solution for your next bag of pecans from Pecan Nation. It stays cool 24/7 and can even prevent your pecans from aging.

Pecans can stay in tip-top shape in a fridge for about six months or longer. Some people have had great success with keeping their pecans in the refrigerator for up to nine months.

With this being said, if you buy your pecans in bulk in January to use for all your baking throughout the year, you may want to skip the refrigerator and go straight to the next option.

4. Deep-Freeze Your Pecans

The final tip for storing pecans like a pro is to seal them up and pop them in a freezer. You can use your regular freezer if you have room or a special, standalone deep freezer with greater storage capacity.

Freezing your pecans gives you up to two years to eat them. When you want to enjoy your pecans, remove them a few hours before using them. Thaw them at room temperature.

It’s worth noting that you can refreeze your pecans if you thawed more than you can eat immediately. Pecans will refreeze well a few times.

Always Have Tasty Pecans in Your Home!

The bottom line is you never have to worry about being without pecans. With the proper storage techniques, you can have a handful whenever the craving for a healthy snack strikes.

Looking for pecans for you or as a gift for someone special? Browse our Pecan Nation online store!

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