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The holidays are a time to connect with friends and family, celebrate everything you’ve accomplished in the year, and — most importantly — enjoy delicious food! At Pecan Nation, we want to help you make your holiday season even more magical with a wide selection of mouthwatering recipes that feature our fresh, golden pecans.


If you’re entertaining guests and want to put something out for them to enjoy between meals, our snack recipes are a fun way to keep the holiday spirits up. Satisfy any craving with pecan recipes like these:

  • Pecan and walnut holiday mix: This festive holiday nut mix combines the sweetness of dried cranberries with a quick hit of spice from a teaspoon of chili powder.
  • Chocolate-covered pecans: With chocolate-covered pecans, you can satisfy every sweet tooth while serving up essential vitamins and nutrients from the pecans.
  • Pecan cheddar cheese ball: The creaminess of cheese with the crunch of savory pecans makes this shareable snack a cheese lover’s dream.


While the holiday season is typically a time for heartier fare, you can add some variety to the menu with a selection of salads. Some of our favorite salad options for the holidays include:

  • Christmas wild rice salad: Our unconventional Christmas wild rice salad features caramelized pecan nuts and cranberry dressing. Unique ingredients like broccoli, grapes and fresh parsley come together for a fun combination of flavors from different seasons.
  • Spiced pecan grilled peach salad: This salad with pecans and goat cheese offers a hint of summer flavor thanks to the grilled peaches. Cinnamon and spiced nuts add a holiday spin and a delightful crunch.


Make side dishes the star of the show with the sweet butteriness of pecans on top. You can elevate any main course with these new takes on classic holiday sides:

  • Sweet potato pecan casserole: Sweet potatoes are one of the more versatile foods around the holiday season. This sweet potato pecan casserole uses the smoothness of the nuts to highlight the potatoes’ natural sweetness.
  • Roasted carrots with candied pecans and goat cheese: This sweet and savory carrot dish is a delicious, visually stunning addition to any table.


The main course of your meal is your chance to get creative with classic flavors. Our top pecan recipes for the holidays include:

  • Cranberry-glazed turkey with pumpkin and pecan stuffing: Whether you eat turkey for Thanksgiving or as a Christmas meal, our cranberry-glazed turkey with pumpkin and pecan stuffing is an entree you and your guests will want to stop and savor.
  • Pecan-crusted pork tenderloin: If you’re in a time crunch, our pecan-crusted pork tenderloin is a simple yet elegant main course. A sweet glaze and a satisfying, nutty crunch are sure to please a crowd.


Save some room to complete your holiday feast with something sweet. Pecans perfectly complement a variety of desserts, like:

  • Pecan cherry Christmas pudding: Impress everyone at your table with our pecan cherry Christmas pudding. While this delectable pudding is traditionally a Christmas dessert, you may want to make it throughout the year to enjoy tart cherries and crisp pecans.
  • Caramel pecan pumpkin pull-aparts: These warm and sticky caramel pecan pumpkin pull-aparts are a delicious way to end any meal. They’re also a sweet way to start Christmas morning. You can customize the flavor by using applesauce instead of pumpkin or drizzling chocolate on top.
  • Classic pecan pie: Nothing quite suits the holiday season like a classic pecan pie. The buttery pecans and your choice of crust will make this pie an instant hit at any holiday event.

Make the Holiday Season Merry and Bright With Pecan Nation

Call us biased — but at Pecan Nation, we think high-quality pecans are the best ingredient to make any dish feel more festive. Our team handles every aspect of the harvesting process. When you order from us, you can feel confident that your pecans will be fresh.

Since pecans are so versatile, you can incorporate them into various recipes for delicious results. Explore our complete list of pecan recipes or shop our selection of pecan products and flavors, such as gingerbread and cinnamon, to add a unique element to your favorite dishes this holiday season.

pecan recipes for the holidays
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