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Would it be the 4th of July if there weren’t delicious food and treats? Nope. Part of the celebration is good and wholesome comfort food to elevate the festivities. To help you celebrate in the best possible way — with food — here are the ultimate 4th of July pecan recipes. And if you’re eating clean this holiday, there are recipes for you, too.

The Best Sweet Pecan Recipes

Sweet dishes are essential in putting out an impressive Independence Day spread. Please your family and friends with these recipes:

  • Pecan pie: The classic American family favorite! This ooey-gooey, buttery pecan pie recipe will be the perfect ending to a festive day.
  • Pecan waffles: What better way to start your 4th of July celebration than with pecan waffles for breakfast or brunch? This recipe combines buttery, nutty and savory pecans and light, airy waffles with crispy edges and syrup for good measure.
  • Caramel pecan and pumpkin pull-aparts: These sweet pecan and pumpkin pull-aparts will be family favorites and are the ideal dish for sharing. Add chocolate or hot fudge, and you’ll have the ultimate, decadent dessert. Just a note — the recipe takes less than an hour to prep, a night to sit and 25 minutes to bake.
  • Pecan snowball cookies: These easy-to-make pecan ball cookies have that buttery melt-in-your-mouth feeling with a slight crunch. If you’re sharing these, make multiple batches. They’re just that good!
  • Butter pecan ice cream: Homemade butter pecan ice cream is a real treat, and no store-bought variety comes close. Add a red, white and blue twist with sprinkles and, for that extra pizzazz, a sparkler or two.

The Best Savory Pecan Recipes

With the sweets taken care of, it’s time for the savory. Let freedom ring with these delicious recipes:

  • Baked brie with pecans and chutney: Elevate your 4th of July spread with delicious baked brie drizzled in cranberry-orange chutney and the best Georgia pecans. The gooey brie, fresh from the oven, is balanced with sauce, and the nuts give it that perfect crunch.
  • Spicy pecan and peach salad: Savory, spicy pecans with sweet, grilled peaches and tangy goat cheese is something to celebrate. Add fresh mixed greens, and you have a holiday recipe to impress your friends and family.
  • Pecan cheese balls: Let the festivities begin! These pecan-crusted cream cheese balls are the ideal holiday appetizer and are easy to make. Whip the ingredients together, mold them into balls and refrigerate. Then the final flourish and the best part — rolling the cheeseballs in crushed pecans.
  • Apple cranberry feta and pecan salad: This refreshing and light apple and pecan salad with feta and cranberries is perfect for a July 4th barbecue or picnic. Tart Granny Smith apples combine perfectly with salty feta. The pecans give a nutty crunch that ties everything together.

Healthy 4th of July Pecan Recipes

The holidays can make eating clean a tough order! With Pecan Nation, you can enjoy good food without missing out, thanks to these recipes:

  • Roasted root veggies with pecans: Healthy sides can be satisfying too! The roasted root vegetables with pecans recipe is also easy to make and nutritious.
  • Chicken, cranberry and pecan salad: This chicken salad is a crowd-pleaser and so satisfying. You’ll feel good and have zero regrets.
  • Chocolate-covered pecans: Pecans drizzled with chocolate are yummy. And because pecans are the nut with the lowest net carbs and highest antioxidants, you can have your sweet treat and eat it, too!

Make Recipes With the Best Georgia Pecans

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